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Great resources for the college bound family: part 1

I have come across many families who feel intimidated by the college process but are not ready to commit to contracting a relationship with an IEC. Luckily, there are so many resources out there that can serve as the bridge to keep you from completely floundering out there alone! So, for my next 3 blogs, I will list 10 resources each that I have loved this year for parents and students navigating the college process.  And if you don’t find the topic or answer you are looking for addressed over the next few months, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can dig up.  Happy exploring!!

1) Interesting article recognizing milestones and benchmarks to indicate how ready your child is for college, and consequently, what kind of college may fit your child's needs.

2) Perspective challenging the role of an elite college verses a college that is the right fit.

3) Great family discussion to begin setting financial goals and boundaries for college. Not from 2018, but still extremely relevant.

4) The application process gets more complicated and mysterious as students try to figure out how to present their best selves on their applications. It isn’t getting easier!

5) Are you wondering how a middle-class family can possibly afford to pay the sticker price at some of the competitive or out of state schools?  They don’t.  Read this article to find out why.   

6) Best blog about college affordability and financial aid. Below is a fantastic summary of the tools available to help you prepare financially for college.

7) Creating a CollegeBoard account will give you access to an amazing tool kit as you tackle so many parts of your college process, but it is known as the administrative branch of the standardized testing for college.

8) The Common Application is the entryway to over 800 colleges and universities, so if you are applying to college, you will likely be filling this one out.  The Common Application is live and now students can create an account well before their senior.  Get familiar with this website and all the resources attached!

9) For those families who are familiar with need and merit-based aid, and already have some ideas of what their financial parameters are, the following chart, compiled by Jeff Levy, is the most helpful way to identify colleges that offer the kind of aid you will be targeting!

10) Best investment in the application process.  This writing company has been coaching kids and professional writers through their essays for over 30 years.  And, by the way, I am also a certified Wow partner writing coach, so I can attest to the success of their approach. Feel free to contact me for my essay coaching packages!


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