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I want to change the last-minute, good-enough approach of planning for college, or what I call "hitting the default button"…

What can Launched Consulting do for me?

Stakes are high when your child starts thinking about college. You at least want to know your options. And you want to know the answer to the ultimate question: Where will your child thrive? All over the county families are seeking help to guide them into a smart, healthy, and successful investment for their child’s education. Often the answer is in working with an IEC.

Erin Hubbman: Founder, Launched Consulting

I founded Launched Consulting in response to the unique needs and challenges faced by high school students and their families as they strive to use their strengths and connect with their possibilities. My background and qualifications are unique as well. You wouldn't think that my skill set of creativity and problem-solving, developed in the freedom of a career as a professional photojournalist, would overlap so nicely with the skills needed to guide your family through the vast amounts of regulations and requirements of the admissions world. But at the root of my skills is an ability to bring out the raw material: the goals, dreams, limits, boundaries and possibilities, and envision the best way to empower it all with purpose. I see the thread of identity–the whole storyline–in each student.

For students and their families, my first goal is to help you find and engage in things that help you grow and thrive, discover how to work those things into your life in a meaningful way, and then to match you into an environment that is the very best fit. I am here to listen, to discover what is often already there, and to help you put your best where all can see.


  • Completed the certificate course for Independent Educational Consultants through University of California, Irvine.
  • Received certificate as a partner in the Wow™ essay coaching program. 
  • Active Scholars Coach with "College Essay Guy" 
  • An active member of the IECA™ and RMACAC. View the link
  • Received a BA in photojournalism, with extensive overseas work and cross-cultural immersion in 11 countries.
  • 15+ years experience as educator and mentor in elementary and high school.

My greatest love through my careers as educator and journalist has been watching and helping others succeed. I make the same commitment to your family. 

Launched Consulting's Mission and Vision:

To provide students and families with the support and information they need to establish and achieve their goals after high school. I want to change the last-minute, good-enough approach to a deliberate, best possible fit approach by helping families and students position themselves to maximize their options and to explore where they will best succeed.

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