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Dear Consultants,
The college essay is unique, and so is each student who attempts to conquer it. My background in international journalism and a long love-affair with seeing teens succeed has resulted in my College Essay Coaching packages for Consultants.

Helping college-bound students tell their story in a way that is empowering to themselves and effective in the admissions readers hands, while taking the burden of the essay off you completely is my goal. I partner with Wow Writing Workshop to provide proven and professional guidance to your clients.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Personal coaching for your client from beginning to end of their essay, including finding their voice, brainstorming, and content, structure and polish drafts.
  • Personal account for each client through Wow Workshop, where there is access to all materials, videos and exercises to keep the momentum throughout the essay process
  • Follow up with minimum of two (30 minute) phone meetings, and individualized check-in's after each step.
  • Integration of deadlines and student to-do's with your client's College Planner Pro, if you already use it, or template deadlines through the Wow protocol.
  • A completed essay that is the most creative and effective application essay your student can produce.

Note: A personal statement or equivalent usually takes between 2-3 weeks, and requires the client have that block of time available to immerse in the steps and not lost momentum. During that time, the client will have access to me via e-mails, but we will not be "writing" the essay together. I do not change words or cross out phrases or add sentences. But through this process your client will find the words to stand up straight in their own story and send their message to admissions about what they value and who they are.

I am glad to discuss details with your own needs and business structure, so feel free to contact me with questions! Call 307-899-2140!

WOW Workshop

The Difference in Using an Essay Coach

When I began my work as an IEC, I sandwiched the essay in between all the other pieces of the puzzle.  In between college research, career assessments, sports events and exams, my students would find small windows to send me ideas and drafts, which I would then "edit" in hopes of finding the gems.  

I quickly realized that the full potential of the essay was being lost.  Crafting a college essay involves a different set skills altogether, and it requires it's own special spotlight.  

My method gives the essay back it's independence.  My students will be engaged in a process that takes them from beginning brainstorming to final draft in less than 3 weeks, and involved no red pen marks.  Essay coaching is empowering, and the resulting work is their own voice and their own character.  

Essay Package for Consultants

Personal Statement or equivalent (Coalition, UC Personal Insight Questions, Apply Texas, or Universal) using the Wow 10-step method: $550.00

Call 307-899-2140

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