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    Now, Where to?

Choosing a college should be more than just a roll of the dice

Preparation is key. A New York Times article puts it this way: "What colleges look for sends a powerful message about what matters, not just to admissions officers but in life, and students often respond accordingly."

But parents cannot be expected to find their way through the statistics of acceptance rates and corresponding merit and need-based aid, much less how to advise their high school kids into strengths and interests and goal-setting. Beyond the vast amount of constantly changing information, the teen years are often a time when a bridge of objectivity is valuable. The busyness of life for both parents and students lends itself to increasing stress as the demands of the complex yet life-changing decisions around post high-school planning persist. Ultimately, you want to know where your child will thrive, and to see them enter adulthood with purpose and confidence.

This is where Launched Consulting comes in...

College Planning Navigating
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"What is an IEC?"

IECA has released their video describing the role and added value of the IEC in the college search process.

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College Planning Timeline for Success

Families all over the country are confused or misinformed, even overwhelmed, about the options available for them for college. Launched Consulting wants to change the last-minute, “good-enough” approach to a deliberate best possible fit approach, by helping families and students explore their options and position themselves to maximize their college success.

Explore our Timeline for Success for Freshmen, Sophmore or Senior Year!

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Do you Need an IEC Consultant?

Preparing for college is different for each family. So is deciding whether to invest in professional guidance as you navigate the process. The questions below may help you decide.

Essay writing Consulting for College Applications

The Essay

Launched Consulting offers personalized essay coaching to help you put your best foot forward as you craft your stories.

Options to Higher Education

Student Packages

Launched Consulting recognizes that there are unique needs depending on where families are in the college search, and offers customized plans to meet the families where they are, from asking the first question of “What type of place will help me succeed?” to refining your college essay, or optimal summer planning.

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