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Get Ready, Get Set: Maximizing the joy of the race and what that has to do with college

By Erin Hooper, Launched Consulting

I love to watch the Olympic track events. Each runner has their own way of getting rid of the jitters and preparing to run the race of their lives.  They shake loose, stretch, and lift their knees high in place.  Some laugh and crack light comments to another.  Others have gone into a focused zone.  Most have pictured this race more than once.  The starter indicates that it is time for the runners to take their places.

Take Your Marks."  Get Set."

Why not just "Go?" What can the runner possibly do with those 2-3 seconds when they are getting ready and set? 

I have been a lifelong runner, and though my real competitive running was over in college, I remember well what I did in those few seconds that sometimes seemed like ages.  Here is my take on what happens:

“Get Ready." It is time to assess the race in front of you. Who is on either side?  What will it take to get to your goal?  What is your strategy for this situation?  It is time to dig down and know yourself.  To land solidly on the confidence that you are gathering all the information you need to do the very best you can.

“Get Set." Now it comes down to using all your knowledge of yourself and your situation to maximize your power to succeed.  You know your strengths, your weaknesses and your obstacles.  You situate yourself to have the best possible start.

Once the gun fires, a well-prepared runner feels the freedom that he has done everything possible to win, and sheer determination and physical ability takes the place of the stress.  Now it is about the joy of running. 

When I landed on "Launched Consulting" as my company name, I already saw the parallel between the importance of getting ready before a race, and the importance of preparing for college, as an indicator of not just the success a student may have in college, but the joy they find in continuing their journey of college all the way through.  Knowing oneself and one's limits, forming one's strategy, and knowing how to maximize one’s resources, are all pieces of your child’s own journey towards college.   Doing this thoroughly and early will ensure that the launch into college is one that the family can experience with confidence and inspiration, knowing that the groundwork for success has been laid already.

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